XNet Cloudless Platform

DataDirect XNet is the best software platform for connecting people, things and services directly—with speed and reliability—and without the safety and performance limitations of the Cloud.

Whether you’re needing a secure communication channel, creating a Smart City solution, Big Data or IOT service—XNet connects people, things and services together with utmost efficiency.

Absolutely Security

XNet provides Absolute Security for your most sensitive information; because XNet has been built in close adherence to all of the principles detailed at: ScienceOfCybersecurity.com [approved by over 100 Cybersecurity experts].

XNet uses XChannels to transfer information across Global-IP network(s)—which are the most secure data-links available—and because they are:

  • Direct: Client Data  is transferred point-to-point—there are no third-party: copies/keys/meta-data/front-doors/back-doors or gateways to protect/attack.
  • Locked: End-to-end multi-encryption [(PGP RSA 4096 / AES 256) + AES 128].
  • Verified: Sender and Receiver nodes verified by five stage Digital Watermarking plus Local Symmetric Key(s) (LSK(s)).
  • Certified: Audit management by Local Delivery Certificates (Sender + Receiver).
  • Authentic: transaction non-tampering assurance by Live Encrypted Checksum.
  • Temporary:  Secure data-link(s) assigned/self-destruct as needed.

ShareMeDirect & SyncMeDirect

Use ShareMeDirect’s next-generation XNet technology to send large files directly; and hence more securely, reliably and at maximum speed over global IP networks.

For instance, KeyMail is the safest, fastest and simplest way to send files by managed data transfer. It delivers an intuitive user experience and the ability to instantly share big files and folders, manage copies and control access.

KeyMail’s sister application SyncMeDirect is the safest and most reliable way to share large data sets by automated data transfer.

Coming soon

We have a number of XNet solutions under development; including..

  • FindMeDirect locates people, services and things—directly—hence with maximum speed and great reliability over global IP networks.
  • StreamMeDirect streams information—directly—hence securely, reliably and at maximum speed over global IP networks.
  • ControlMeDirect enables people to—directly—control devices securely, and with great speed plus low scaling cost(s).
  • AdvertiseMeDirect is a next-generation advertising network that—directly—connects tailored advert(s) with targeted customer(s).

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