Why Security Is All About Copies

Check on the details of any recent data breach, system exploit or computer intrusion; and you will see that it is predominantly third-party copies of client data that gets broken into— irrespective of the number, sophistication and types of security measures employed.

We can conclude that ‘cloud’ copies are highly vulnerable to hacking; largely because they will be around for a very long time—possibly forever—and as a result may be subject to innumerable future hacking attacks.

How To Remove All Hacking Risks

For absolute security in interpersonal communications, our new KeyMail utility eliminates ‘cloud’ copies altogether; whereby client data transfers directly—in a multi-encrypted format—from one computer to another. The upshot is that when you send sensitive data to trusted friends, you can be certain that only one copy is created: on the recipient’s computer.

In a nutshell, having no vulnerable ‘third-party’ copies (of client data or encryption keys) to attack / steal, means no hacking chances for any and all threat actors, leading to absolute security for your most sensitive data files—and true peace-of-mind for you.


KeyMail is a new kind of file-transfer network that protects—high-value—and confidential items. It is for colleagues who share valuable data across the Internet; and who wish to avoid data breaches, threats and leaks.

KeyMail is perfect for safeguarding Intellectual Property (IP), financial data, blueprints, media files, legal contracts; and for defending secret and commercially private: messages, documents, reports, designs, plans, records, bids etc.

Learn More / Get KeyMail

KeyMail is in Beta testing at present; and is only available by special invitation.

Shown below are  screenshots from KeyMail 2.0 for MacOS.






If you are keen to try KeyMail out for yourself—then contact us and mention that you would like to be involved in a trial.

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