What Would NASA Do For Cybersecurity?

Fifty years ago, NASA built the Apollo Spacecraft that delivered Astronauts safely to the Moon – and across the inhospitable void of Space. In an analogous fashion, KeyMail delivers private files and large data-sets directly to your friend’s computer – and safely across the dangerous region(s) of the Internet.

Read on – and discover how two former NASA scientists aim to revolutionize the field of communications security – and in turn – fully protect your most confidential files.

Discover KeyMail’s Secure Data Transfer Capabilities

With KeyMail’s patent-pending Adaptive Parallel Transfer (APT), customers can access the most advanced data transfer technology, features and capabilities available. This new invention creates solutions that no other enterprise product can match.

Deliver Large, Business-Critical Files Virtually Anywhere

Use KeyMail’s next-generation transfer solution to send large files more securely, reliably and at maximum speed over global IP networks.

KeyMail is the safest, fastest and simplest way to send and share files. It delivers an intuitive user experience and the ability to instantly share and exchange big files and folders, manage copies and control access.

Accelerate Collaboration with Fast Sharing of Data

Quickly send and share large GB data-sets with anyone, anywhere using KeyMail. Meet the demands of complex global teams with the ability to securely exchange or share huge files and folders with each other, including customers and partners.

Experience our APT transport technology that consistently ranks first in every WAN throughput test in which it is evaluated. KeyMail utilizes 100% of available network capacity to move your files safely and easily.

Reliably Exchange Big Files to Meet Business Demands

With KeyMail, you can empower your teams, customers and partners to send and share big data, regardless of file type or size, where it is stored or how far it must move over the WAN.

Keymail employs open standards cryptography. But only to the extent that we do not expose client-data to any dangerous attack vector(s) – and can give a cast-iron guarantee of the impregnability of KeyMail’s user authentication, data encryption and data integrity verification.

Cybersecurity Is All About Copies

Check on the details of any recent data breach, system exploit or computer intrusion; and you will see that it is predominantly third-party copies of client-data that gets broken into— irrespective of the number, sophistication and types of security measures employed.

We can conclude that ‘cloud’ copies are highly vulnerable to hacking; largely because they will be around for a very long time—possibly forever—and as a result may be subject to innumerable future hacking attacks.

How To Remove All Hacking Risks

For Absolute Security in interpersonal communications,  KeyMail eliminates ‘cloud’ copies altogether; whereby client-data transfers directly—in a multi-encrypted format—from one computer to another. The upshot is that when you send sensitive data to trusted friends, you can be certain that only one copy is created: on the recipient’s computer.

In a nutshell, having no vulnerable ‘third-party’ copies (of client-data or encryption keys) to attack / steal, means no hacking chances for any and all threat actors, leading to Absolute Security for your most sensitive data files—and true peace-of-mind for you.

A Bold New Standard

When we say that KeyMail is unhackable – we really mean it. But how can we be certain? Well put simply, KeyMail is immune to all possible attack vectors, hacking techniques and illicit spying methods, because it has been designed according to a comprehensive Theory of Cybersecurity Science.

We are proud to announce the KeyMail App; for Apple and Windows computers; where security and convenience meet modern design.





Secure File Transporter

KeyMail is a Secure-File-Transporter for moving items safely between trusted friends across the Internet – and without generating any third-party copies.

KeyMail is ideal for partners who regularly share valuable files across WAN Networks; and who wish to avoid data breaches, threats and leaks. With KeyMail you can be certain that there is no possibility of lost, hacked and/or compromised data.

Reliable and Dependable – Irrespective of Network Conditions

KeyMail uses a new fast, adaptive and secure protocol that provides enterprise-grade security, high reliability and exceptional bandwidth control. Unlike serial TCP, our patent pending Adaptive Parallel Transfer (APT) throughput is independent of network delay and resistant to extreme packet loss.

APT transfer times are as fast as the link will allow (up to 1,000x standard FTP) and highly predictable, regardless of network conditions. The KeyMail file transfer solution is designed to deliver 100 percent bandwidth efficient transport of large data sets over any IP network.

KeyMail USPs…

  • Advanced mail-style user-interface.
  • Safe – single-copy-send (no third-party copies).
  • Direct – peer-to-peer (P2P) or device-to-device.
  • Fast – 2X-10X the speed of cloud / email systems!
  • No hacking or spying, guaranteed. No big-brother.
  • No size limits – transfer up to 100 GB files / folders.
  • Anonymous – no public meta-data or digital footprints.
  • No bandwidth caps – transfer as much data as you like.
  • No copies stored anywhere – collaborate without the cloud.
  • Adaptive Parallel Transport (APT) for speed and reliability.
  • Automated zipping, encryption, delivery of files and folders.
  • Secure – multi-encryption + private: data / accounts / keys.
  • Cipher-matching – circle-of-trust / invitation-only network.
  • Specially designed for reliable transfer of large data-sets.
  • Highest possible encryption key strength(s) – RSA 4096 / AES 256.
  • Meets/exceeds US Government standard for top-secret data.
  • Affordable – low cost solution, yearly network fee paid in advance.
  • Works on Apple MacOS and Microsoft Windows computers.
  • Easy-To-Use – with a straightforward user interface (UI).


Today many organisations need to safeguard valuable digital products from commercial threats and leaks, or they have a legal requirement to protect client data privacy. KeyMail is the professional’s choice, and with its Single-Copy-Send, offers the best protection with no digital footprints, and therefore no hacking chances.

KeyMail is perfect for safeguarding Intellectual Property (IP), financial data, blueprints, media files, legal contracts; and for defending secret and commercially private: messages, documents, reports, designs, plans, records, bids etc.