We Are Building The Next Generation Of Cybersecurity Products

We are scientists, engineers, and developers who posses a shared vision of providing Absolute Security for private and secret information online.

Together, our team is committed to developing the most secure, fastest, easy-to-use and widely distributed security tools necessary to fully protect data online. Our team combines proven mathematical, scientific and technical knowledge; and includes expertise obtained from many years working with/for: NASA, General Dynamics, SAIC (NSA), MOD, British and American Governments, Raytheon Systems, British Aerospace, plus Secret National Organisations in the US and UK etc.

KeyMail Technologies – Our Team

Dr Alan Radley – CEO and Founder

Alan Radley is the inventor of KeyMail and our CEO. Alan holds a  Ph.D. in Physics from University College London, and was previously a Senior Research Scientist at NASA / ESA, University College London and General Dynamics. Alan has worked on a number of prominent NASA projects including; the NASA / ESA XMM Observatory, the Rosetta Space Probe, plus the Gemini and Keck Telescopes.

Alan has given security briefings to the Secretaries of Defense of both the United States and United Kingdom, and also advised the CEOs of major corporations such as British Aerospace, General Dynamics, Raytheon Systems and SAIC (NSA). Alan is the author of several books including in 2017 the well-received “Science Of Cybersecurity”.

Alan has held the highest security rating in both the US and UK – including Top Secret.

Chris Green – Co-Founder and Chief Technologist

Chris Green is a co-founder of KeyMail. Chris has worked as a senior engineer at British Aerospace and General Dynamics, where he has co-invented products such as the Datastick, being a next-generation information fusion user interface used today by the MOD and various Intelligence Services in the US and UK.

Chris has held the very highest security rating in the UK – including Top Secret.



Head Office (UK)

KeyMail Technologies,

Media Innovation Studio, University of Central Lancashire,

Preston, Lancashire, PR1 2HE, UK.


USA / Canada

KeyMail Technologies,

4 Hampstead Gate,

Clarington, L1E 1V2, Canada.



KeyMail Technologies,

Rue du Rhône 14, 1204 Genève, Switzerland.